Recording videos for the RFMMW MOOC will be carried out partially in the studio and partially at various locations (office/home) for scheduling/convenience reasons.

The home recording set-up is built around the following hardware (ordered as part of the MOOC package Wireless communications on Kostenplaatsnummer: 361000 and Activiteitennummer: 1005036):

  • 2x Panasonic HC-VX1EG 4K Camcorder black (approx. EUR 550)
  • 2x Strong and light tripod for the camera, e.g. Cullmann Concept One 625 (EUR 80)
  • 2x video studiolight set Bresser BR-2250 LED striplight (EUR 175).
  • 2x remote control, e.g. https://www.beslist.nl/overig/d1035838473/18_Keys_24GHz_Mini_USB_Numeric_Keypad.html?productIdentifier=00000047722417464329990340967 (EUR 20). Alternative: app StreamCopilot (android) €4.8
  • 2x Webcam Logitech C922 (€100)
  • 2x Magewell USB HDMI capture gen 2 (€330)
  • 2x Rode bluetooth wireless go microphone (€180)
  • 2x HDMI -> microHDMI cables (EUR 25)
  • 2x folding bacground Bresser TR-3 1.5x2m (EUR 60)
  • 4x MicroSD 128GB (EUR 40)

Total cost: EUR 1600 per set-up, EUR 3200 for 2 set-ups.


Tips & Tricks:

  • Connect the hardware as shown in the diagram below:



  • Standard title video:

Image Intro Stdbg 

  • One-shot project file for standard title video:

Image Intro StdBG

  • Standard title tune:

Image MINIMS01

  • Art of Illusion animation file for standard title animation (part of standard title video):

Image Intro StdBG

  • Alternate title video

Image Intro6 

  • OBS Concepts video:

  • OBS concepts drawing:


  • OBS User Interface video:

  • OBS Luma key video:

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