Dear Peter and Rainier,


This mail to inform you about the status of the Remote Lab Place developments at Hanze and organise a meeting to align and plan next steps in possibly near future. 


  • Based on the proposal I recently distributed on topic Marietta (in CC) is presently looking into connectivity and facility aspects 
  • Because of your request to add robotic capabilities, Felipe (in CC) has joined the team and he will look into this aspect. A first memo from his side in a forthcoming mail. 
  • Peta has handed in a Hanze financing application of 60 k for the project motivated by the TU/e-Hanze intended collaboration on topic
  • I’m in contact with the people responsible for arranging the lab in Assen where we want to instal a first remote lab space. 
  • The BioBased Economy Advanced Processing Facility (ZAP) @ the Groningen Zernike Campus wants also to join the initiative, which would add significant additional financing. 


I think we crossed the first critical threshold. Therefore we should discuss and define (a first set) specs and functionalities asap and a strategy how to approach. Peter, Rainier do you have kind of vision paper or spec sheet where you define your expectations for the remote lab? Would be very helpful? I further recommend to have a short video meeting asap to link Marietta and Felipe directly to equivalents at TU/e. If agreed, should I take the initiative? 


In parallel in a Hanze internal discussion we will try to complement and further develop my first vision on topic. Hope to provide that end of next week. We further have already companies who are interested in the initiative and want to join. Have to discuss tis aspect as well.


Enthusiasm for this topic is surprising! We should keep the momentum. 

Felipe’s first thoughts! 



Begin forwarded message:


From: "Nascimento Martins F, Felipe" <fe.nascimento.martins@pl.hanze.nl>

Subject: About industrial robots to buy for the IWP in Assen

Date: 6 March 2019 at 17:59:04 CET

To: "Kortendijk JA, Johan" <j.a.kortendijk@pl.hanze.nl>, "Dallinga JJ, Jelle-Jan" <j.j.dallinga@pl.hanze.nl>

Cc: "Hekman J, Johan" <j.hekman@pl.hanze.nl>, Wörtche HJ, Heinrich <h.j.wortche@pl.hanze.nl>


Dear all,


I was requested to give input on the type and model of industrial robots we should buy for our lab in Assen (IWP). Before deciding on which robots to buy, and to avoid possible overlaps, I would like to share the following thoughts with you. The idea is that the robots are also used by the students of the Industrial Robotics course (minor Industrial Automation).


First of all, if we want to buy an industrial robot (manipulator) that is also going to be used for educational purposes, I believe we should buy a collaborative robot (cobot). The main reasons for that are:

  • Cobots are safer: they are designed to work in close proximity to people, with integrated safety features to avoid injuries.
  • They can be programmed in a very similar way as a "real" industrial robot.

The downside of cobots is that, in general, they are slower and less precise than traditional industrial robots. But, I believe this is not a big issue for us.


After visiting companies, talking to many people that are using Cobots, and considering several options, I believe that the best choice for us is to buy two or three units of the Universal Robots UR3e. We should also buy a gripper for each robot and possibly a camera (for visual applications). The main reasons are:

  • Universal Robots is the main supplier of industrial cobots today.
  • Many companies in our region are already using it (like BD Kiestra, Philips, Variaas) or are willing to buy it (like Technologies Added).
  • UR robots have compatible prices and features when compared to other brands, like Omron, Kuka and ABB, for example.
  • There are many third parties that produce parts for UR robots. For instance, Robotiq sells a camera, a torque sensor and several models of grippers that can be used with UR robots, including integration with UR software.
  • UR provides an off-line simulator that mimics exactly the robot programming interface (excellent for educational purposes). 


What do you think?

If you have questions or comments, please let me know.







ROBOTIQ 2F-85 gripper



Robotiq Wrist Camera



Best regards,


Felipe Nascimento Martins, Dr.

Lecturer in Electronics and Robotics / Semester 4 coordinator

Electrical and Electronics Engineering - major Sensor Technology

Hanze University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Engineering

e-mail: fe.nascimento.martins@pl.hanze.nl

Industrieweg 34A, 9403AB Assen, The Netherlands. - Phone: +31 5 0595 2461


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