Welcome to the Wireless Education Web Environment!

This website will provide you with background information and training material for RF Circuits and Systems Courses as well as information about research projects in the wireless systems area. It is currently under construction/renovation and will grow over the years to come. Students that would like access to the old website please contact p.g.m.baltus@tue.nl

You can reach the course-specific information through the "Courses" menu at the top. Depending on the course, there will be course information, announcements, discussion forums, and (self)-study material such as slides videos, study guides etc.

The Tools menu contains some facilities that should be of interest to all students independent of the specific course, such as a benchmark database, a circuit simulator and design review checklists.

And the About menu finally gives access to info about this website and to a user manual describing the detailed use for students and lecturers (work in progress) as well as the educational background, ideas and technical approach behind this website.

The menu on the left side gives access to general items on this website and can be hidden (and restored) by clicking on the arrows at the top-right corner of this menu. In addition to a menu for accessing various features of this website, It contains a list of online users, a chat app, and a switch to go to/from a website layout optimized for mobile devices. Similarly, the menus at the right side of the page can be hidden and restored by clicking on the bidirectional arrows near the top-right corner. These menus contain information about latest changes to this website, upcoming events and a search function.

If you have questions or comments specific to a course, please contact the relevant teacher. If you have general comments or questions, please contact p.g.m.baltus@tue.nl.

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